7 Financial Mistakes 95% of Entrepreneurs Make When Starting Their Business (Don't Let That Be You!)


The entrepreneur’s guide to ditching uncertainty and creating the financially stable business of your dreams.


Download your FREE copy and discover exactly what NOT to do if you want a financially successful business! 

7 Financial Mistakes

The health of your business begins and ends with your finances. 


So, if you want to be successful (and who doesn’t?!), you have to build a business with a strong financial foundation.


Wouldn’t you agree?


Yet, so many entrepreneurs start their business with very little knowledge of the financial side of things. But that’s not going to be you, is it?


I didn’t think so.


That’s why I created this resource for entrepreneurs just like you.  


Inside you'll discover: 

  • The number one thing you need to do to have a successful business. Hint: It’s not work long, hard hours or sell your soul! 
  • How your personal lifestyle prevents you from making six figures and exactly what you need to do TODAY to get on the right track. 
  • The MINIMUM amount you should have saved before you launch your business (or ASAP if you’ve already launched). No, you don’t need a million dollars stashed away to be successful! 
  • Why clarity around your business idea and customer base isn’t enough - and where you most need clarity to avoid failure. 
  • The one account you must open for your business if you want any hope of financial stability. No, I don’t mean your business checking account! 
  • How to win at taxes for your business from the very beginning so you aren’t hit with huge, unfortunate surprises down the road. 
  • What 95% of entrepreneurs are doing in the early stages of their business that guarantees failure - and what YOU need to create a solid footing  

What do I know about running a successful business on a solid financial foundation?


I’m glad you asked! I’m Michelle Jacobik and I’ve spent over 25 years in business, finance, and insurance so it’s safe to say I know my stuff. I’m a successful Business Coach & Profitability Strategist who works closely with entrepreneurs to create financial stability so they can move the needle from “surviving to thriving” in their businesses. In addition to running my own multi-million dollar insurance agency (that I’ve since sold!), I’m a renowned speaker and a contributing writer for Thrive Global as well as the author of the Amazon Best Seller: Prosperity After Divorce: Take Charge Of Your Finances & Create The Life You Really Want Using LifeStyle Re-Design Planning. To put it simply, I know my stuff. And I’ll help you know yours.

Michelle Jacobik

Here’s What People Are Saying About Working with Me:


“Financial decisions are easy when you're armed with the tools and knowledge that Michelle teaches. Her attention to your needs makes you feel like you are her only client, but at the same time, her extensive client base, ensures you are not alone. Let her help you focus on the stuff you're good at...the reason you’re in business, and stop spending time and energy on the numbers. She makes it so easy! I wish I had done this a long time ago!” - Mary Damm- CEO/Founder of Drinkable Arts


“Michelle's knowledge, understanding, and wisdom in matters of finance are bar none. She has a mind built for numbers and her life experiences create a perfect balance of relatability to assist anyone who needs a little help in finance and/or business!” - Dr. Laura Munro- Naturopathic Physician/CEO: Natura Medica


“Michelle's expertise and insights of looking inside your business and formulating solutions to implement was just what my business needed. Having clarity from her gave me peace of mind and an understanding in my business that I was searching for. I highly recommend someone to hire Michelle and her services when you really want to know what is working and what is not working in your business so you can make the guided necessary changes to uplevel in your business.” - Debbie Sodergren--CEO/Founder Up Vibrations

If you’re tired of spinning your wheels and being afraid or unsure of the financial side of your business, request your free copy of this guide today. Join other entrepreneurs, just like you, who got their financial ducks in a row to create a thriving business they love.

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