Connecting Your Vision, Your Cash Flow,

and Your Growth

Connecting Your Vision, Your Cash Flow,

and Your Growth

Harsh Reality

I know you've heard it before.... That AWFUL statistic that more than half of new businesses fail during the first three years?


This isn’t the entire story. According to the Small Business Association (SBA) 30% of new businesses fail during the first two years of being open, 50% during the first five years and 66% never make it to year 10.


But there is also the ‘not discussed’ statistic that most businesses may not have failed yet, but that they are hanging on by a mere thread.

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Most business owners LEAP with a purpose, but have no formal plan.


They also have ZERO formal training in running a business, much less taking on the responsibilities of keeping the business in a fiscally healthy state. 


Because of that they usually: 

  • Leave “doing their books” until the end of the year right before tax time and ONLY because it is time to file. 

  • Have no clue what is coming in, what is going out, and if they are even making a profit or sustaining a loss.  

  • Are so out of touch with the numbers of their business that they end up spending most of their time offering services with the lowest percentage of profitability.  

  • Work long hours every day and every night but still seem to have a struggling business. 

  • Sacrifice time with their family, friends, and themselves so they can get over the hump, somehow believing that the hump will magically turn their business around.

  • So then they have extremely high levels of burnout and exhaustion.

Who can blame them!


If I were working 80 hours a week with pennies to show for it I would be burnt out as well!

Success is much simpler than we believe

It doesn’t require you to create and populate dozens and dozens of spreadsheets.  


It doesn’t even require an expensive monthly accountant to come in and fix your books, no matter how disorganized they are or how long it has been since you last looked at your numbers.  


Nor does it mean you have to sacrifice your entire LIFE to get the business running like a well oiled machine.


Growing and Scaling your business requires that you have a plan.  


My EnVision Success Path helps emerging & advancing entrepreneurs and small business owners 

  • Grow multiple six figure ++ businesses and sustain their growth

  • Know (and connect to) their dream life and what it takes to get there

  • Build a PROFITABLE business, no matter the economical climate

And I know this plan works.

So who am I to take you on this journey?


I'm Michelle Jacobik, Business Profitability Strategist, Mentor, Speaker, Writer, Mom, and Serial Entrepreneur.


I'm also a journal-holic and well... why not tell all... a thirty year, six figure+ Professional Development investor (junkie!


But, all that aside, truth be told, I've been EXACTLY where you may be right now... Feeling stuck, like I was running in place and frustrated that I wasn't as far along as I had wanted to be in my life and business.  


That is until I learned how to get CLEAR about how to combine my Vision + Flow (cash flow that is) to strategically grow and scale.  


When I got this, I hit new levels of success in my business and SOARED!

I was able to buy the company I worked for (before the age of 30) and with my business partner grew it from $600,000 in sales to over $12million. I've since sold my share of that company and moved onto a new passion...helping other Entrepreneur's be on the WINNING side of Entrepreneurship!


Yes! Today I get to Mentor other emerging and advancing Entrepreneurs in creating a clearer vision & the financial stability they need so they can move the needle fromsurviving to thriving” in their businesses.  

In a nutshell I help them ACTIVATE their money making potential. 


The RESULTS? They 

  • Make More Money

  • Get More Clents and...

  • Make A Bigger Impact on those they are meant to serve in this world! 

  • Start living the life they've always dreamed of!

To put it simply, I know my stuff. And I’ll help you know yours. 

If I can do it so can you! 

Michelle Jacobik

What Other Entrepreneurs Are Saying About The Benefits Inside The EnVision + Thrive Academy!

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EnVision + Thrive Academy

  • CASH FLOW strategies

  • Narrowing your Target Market while increasing profits​

  • Marketing best practices so you attract your perfect client every time​

  • Perfectly aligning your business to your vision​

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Have you ever wanted to get 1:1 coaching from Michelle but weren't able to? Now is your chance to get INVALUABLE knowledge base downloaded directly to you and continued learning on a weekly basis. 

More praise from Entrepreneurs who love Michelle's guidance

darcy boehme

"Upon meeting Michelle it was abundantly clear she is a pro at her craft - helping business owners create highly profitable businesses that are true to their vision. There isn't anyone like her in the coaching space. And her passion for other business owners is unrivaled! You have a true partner when you work with Michelle!"


Darcy Boehme, Realtor® | Prestige Realty, AZ 

Susan Swain

"Working with Michelle has not only increased clarity around my business - where I want it to go and why I want it to go there. She has increased my revenue. Together we identified my blind spots, determined my most profitable segment of the market, and focused on attracting that perfect client while keeping in alignment with my lifestyle goals. Anything Michelle does, I want to be a part of!"


Susan Swain, Owner & Broker | The Dependable Group Construction & Realty Services CT

Debbie Sodergren

“If you are looking for inspiration, want to learn something about yourself, need help organizing your thoughts, finances, and a deep dive experience of self exploration and a fun afternoon, it is well worth your time to spend the day with Michelle. You will leave with more than you had hoped for guaranteed.”


Debbie Sodergren, Founder | CEO Up Vibrations

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Pay Annually and get 12 months for the price of 10!

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