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Here are a few answers to our most common questions

I'm Michelle Jacobik, Business Profitability Strategist, Mentor, Speaker, Writer, Mom, and Serial Entrepreneur.


I'm also a journal-holic and well... why not tell all... a thirty year, six figure+ Professional Development investor (junkie!).

But, all that aside, truth be told, I've been EXACTLY where you may be right now...  Feeling stuck, like I was running in place and frustrated that I wasn't as far along as I had wanted to be in my life and business.   


That is until I learned how to get CLEAR about how to combine my Vision + Flow (cash flow that is) to strategically grow and scale.  


When I got this,  I hit new levels of success in my business and SOARED!


I was able to buy the company I worked for (before the age of 30) and with my business partner grew it from $600,000 in sales to over $12million. I've since sold my share of that company and moved onto a new passion...helping other Entrepreneur's be on the WINNING side of Entrepreneurship!



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