A self paced course designed to help divorced or divorcing women gain Clarity, Confidence and Control around their Finances AND their Future

Worrying about it or doing nothing at all, does NOT lead to YOUR Prosperity After Divorce

There is a better way!

So who am I to take you on this journey?  


I'm Michelle Jacobik, Profitability Strategist, Speaker, Writer, Mom & and Divorce Survivor!  


I've been EXACTLY where you may be right now...  


For several years now, I have been helping women thrive after divorce by organizing and systemizing their finances, and creating goals that move them towards their version of prosperity.

Michelle Jacobik

Money is my genius zone. I’m a numbers whiz; nothing makes me happier than a functional budget and a mathematically-sound plan. I look at what is, not what could or “should” be. This means that I’m able to achieve real results for women in real life. I get change out of their heads on onto their balance sheets.  


But here’s the thing I’ve noticed...

Money alone does not equal prosperity  

I will take you through the Six Pillars of my Lifestyle Re-Design Process. 



You Will Learn: 

  • Pillar One: YOUR Prosperity Vision

    You will cultivate a deeper awareness of your personal definition of Prosperity (releasing any disoriented and uncertain feelings about your future). You will create a healthier outlook on life after divorce (releasing the shame/guilt and taboo BS that society puts on our failed marriages).

  • Pillar Two: The Emotions & Habits Pillar

    You will establish boundaries around your Emotions & Habits (instead of avoidance and "acting as if" behavior). I will delve into the common Prosperity Blockers that affect your finances. Example: Fear, grief, confusion, shame, isolation, (and more) --Things that that women struggle with during and after the divorce

  • Pillar Three: Financial Pillar Part I

    We will identify your Top Financial & Life Goals. I will teach you how to regain control of your money~(taking away the complexity and confusion so you can feel confident & empowered rather than dangerously ignorant)

  • Pillar Four: Financial Pillar Part II

    We will assess what your life TODAY really costs (No more avoidance!) I will ensure you have a full view of your finances (money in/money out) with no stone unturned ~ Clarity is key here!

  • Pillar Five: Work/Family Pillar

    I will share my TOP budgeting tools that will give you a strong grip on implementing your plan & help you be successful! (SECRET SAUCE: You will be able to make better decisions and curb habitual and emotional spending!) I will teach you how to get real with your money & prepare you for the obstacles that might get in your way and how to CRUSH them!

  • Pillar Six: Spiritual Pillar

    The work we do in the other pillars comes together in this last pillar. Meet your future most positive self. Identify areas that you may be wounded that need to be released in order for you to step into a fuller- richer life.  

  • And...You will have a wonderful support tribe in this small group setting with me as your fearless leader!

This program is filled with exercises and action steps that will help you overcome prosperity blocks AND give you the solid financial footing you need!

YOU will emerge a Stronger, More Educated, Empowered Woman who is IN CONTROL of her Future Prosperity! 

Michelle has a gift of drawing you into her orbit which I would characterize as a delightful mix of financial savvy and intuitive wisdom. Working with her has deepened my appreciation for the resources available to support me on my prosperity journey, which is particularly helpful after divorce. Her warmth and enthusiasm and devotion to empowering women is a gift and one I would strongly encourage any woman to consider. What could be a greater gift than an ongoing cultivation and deepening of our highest expression of abundance on every level!” 

Debra Alt

Don’t procrastinate because you are too busy or avoid the subject because it makes you uncomfortable! 

Program Details

  • When is it?

    Because this is a virtual course, it's done at your leisure! 

  • Where is it?

    Join from your laptop/desktop/phone (because this is an online course, you can be anywhere you want! You can even be in your PJ's!)

  • What does it cost


So, are you ready? Your transformation begins with a YES! 

money back guarantee



If you are not satisfied with the program I will gladly refund you your investment!  


Simply submit a refund request including proof that you've attended all sessions and completed the lessons and worksheets as stated in our Minimum Guarantee Policy.

Michelle understands the strains of divorce on the pocketbook and the psyche. She has such a heart for pain and the tendency for people to throw it all away - the marriage, the man and the money. Michelle helps you through the process so that you emerge through the critical earthquake of your life with both feet on the ground, standing tall in your self worth and able to reinvent yourself. What could possibly be better when going through such a trauma to your essence?

Dr. Sharon Livingston

President, The Livingston Center, Bestselling Author, & Speaker

This Online Course is based on Michelle's LifeStyle RE-Design Planning ™ process and her #1 Amazon Best Seller:

"Prosperity After Divorce: Take Charge of Your Finances and Create the Life You Really Want!"

Michelle Jacobik
Prosperity After Divorce Book